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The advent of e-commerce delivery services

The advent of e-commerce delivery services

Niels Bouwman

Director Media



The Netherlands may not yet have entered the era of the 30 minute e-commerce delivery service, as is now becoming common in some parts of China – but the Netherlands’ largest e-retailer, bol.com, has now launched 2-hour delivery service in Amsterdam. By offering unsurpassed convenience through its super-speedy delivery options, as well a pick-up partnership with leading Dutch grocer Albert Heijn, bol.com has been uniquely successful at keeping the likes of Amazon at bay. Crucially, bol.com is expanding consumers’ expectations as it goes, meaning other brands have to play catch-up in order to not fall behind. Indeed, many brands simply decide to join an existing delivery ecosystem like bol.com’s, as these e-commerce platforms increasingly source their growth through third-party sales.