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The era of speed: opportunities and dangers

Alberto De Martini

CEO and Head of Strategies

Red Cell


Our species has never lived through so many changes, and such a pace of change, as we are right now. Speed could be considered the most characteristic element of the current historical period. In the marketing world, this can be the cause of extreme danger and at the same time, it can provide fresh opportunities that are ripe to be seized.

One of these opportunities lies in our shifting nutritional habits and trends. Short-term diets for drastic weight loss (a cyclical phenomenon that is managed by the slimming sector) leave space for the development of an alternative - a lifestyle oriented towards well-being and health-maintenance. This trend is spreading through all Western countries with the speed and power of a real tsunami, with devastating consequences for many sectors, such as dairy and meat.

Two Italian brands owned by Colussi Group have used this shift in habits to boost their position in the market. The Colussi cookies line and Misura breakfast range have had new packaging and new communication strategies that link to the benefits of nutritional change. The results don't need explanation: a 40 percent increase in sales volume for Misura and 300 percent growth in market share for Colussi, in just six months.