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The fleet-footed brand, agility as a brand virtue

The fleet-footed brand: agility as a brand virtue





In today’s environment, where entire categories and large facets of life are short on certainty, agility must surely count as one of the most prized brand characteristics.

Agility shifts the imagining of a brand from the realm of long-term ideology into a more immediate entity. The latter doesn’t come at the cost of the former, of course. A brand must still retain an ideological direction - it’s just that it must be able to display it in both more and varied contexts.

There are steps brands can take to establish agility. They can look to own certain forms of consumer interactions. Doing so can enable a brand to tap into frequent conversations. On digital platforms, interactions can also trigger snowball effects of purchasing.

Brands can also shift toward a more consumer-centric position, rather than being wedded more narrowly to product functionality. Brands can thus reinterpret themselves to fit more consumer stories.

Lastly, brands can incorporate elasticity, rather than aim for more rigid, singular, or reductive definitions of what they do.