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The idea is simple- connecting people together for the greater good

The idea is simple: connecting people together for the greater good

Juliëtte Bouwman

Research Executive



Quicargo is an online platform that links empty trucks to companies with a demand for freight shipment. The idea is simple: connecting people together for the greater good – namely, the environment. This is a credible purpose that fits perfectly into our increasingly connected and sustainability-minded age. The fact is that some 50% of the trucks on European roads are at least half empty. From this insight, Quicargo saw a gap in the market, and an opportunity to do some good: they could link people with relatively small transport demands to carriers with open capacity, and at the same time reduce overall transport emissions by consolidating cargo trips. It’s an example that other companies can learn from, because while being sustainable is increasingly "hip," to be credible  as a brand you have to actually solve a problem (as opposed to partially solving a problem that’s mostly of your own creation). Another lesson that brands can draw from Quicargo is the concept of connection: with new technology it is increasingly easy to get in touch with anyone and everyone, but therefore also harder to find the right person for your specific question. Quicargo understands this, and offers an easy solution with a platform that matches the right supply to the right demand. In a way, this makes the platform something like the environmentally conscious brother of Uber, but for the transport world. And as they say: the proof is in the pudding. So far, Quicargo has saved 120,000 km of superfluous trips, and thus reduced CO2 emissions from transport by 3 percent in its market. Moreover, in only three short years of existence, Quicargo has already expanded internationally throughout the entire Benelux region. The next step? World domination!