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The look of love – it’s local

Anita Devraj Mookerjee

Managing Director, Indonesia






Global marketers are often tempted to create a single piece of content that resonates with audiences all over the world. But to really connect, content needs to adapt to the palates of people in specific markets.


Global content strategies don’t mean running same content everywhere. The smartest global content marketers prioritize the most engaging content they can distribute in a market. To do this successfully, content needs to be localized, re-written, formatted and distributed. Above all, it requires an understanding of what different audiences want from their content – and an appetite to keep testing that understanding and harnessing data to aid decision making. Here are some guiding principles for creating content that is loved everywhere.


Localize content on the back of data

Studies show that while audiences in Malaysia and Indonesia respond most strongly to inspirational content, audiences in India prefer practical content that helps develop their skills.


Different regions favor different sources of information

The distributor of content affects the content’s credibility. People in South East Asia trust see content distributed directly by a brand, while in Western markets, content shared by influencers is more credible.


Match the format to the market

Video content is particularly effective in Australia, whereas infographics are more successful in Hong Kong.


Time it right

Local media habits and tastes can also inform the best time or day to release content. If you are promoting content for a thirst-quenching beverage, aim for a day-time release, ideally when temperatures are soaring.