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The need for incisive, up-to-date market intelligence has never been greater


The need for incisive, up-to-date market intelligence has never been greater

BrandZ™ and Kantar insights can point the way to recovery and growth

Much of the business playbook for India has been rendered quaint by the events of 2020. In its place have arisen a host of open questions: questions surrounding new distribution channels, India’s rapidly shifting media landscape, recovering consumer demand, and the ideal tenor of brand messaging in uncertain times. To name only a few examples.

Change, of course is nothing new in India. Over the past the past decade, India has surely been one of the world’s most dynamic major economies. Even before the coronavirus crisis, 2020 seemed primed to be a pivotal, transitional year for the Indian economy.

But this moment promises change of a different magnitude. First and foremost, in the lives of those most directly affected by COVID-19, including the brave medical staff and first responders on the frontline of this health crisis. But also, and more collectively, in the vast project that is now underway to reopen and rebuild a 1.3 billion person-strong economy.  

India’s great restart will only accelerate major structural transformations that were underway at the start of this new decade.  How could it not? Over the course of less than a year, India’s digital-first destiny has already become an established reality. The most basic daily rituals have been reformed and rethought - from work, to dining, to shopping online. The need for entertainment and escape has become more important (yet more homebound) than ever before.  Rural migrant workers have asserted themselves, under the most trying of circumstances, as a vital yet underserved component of India’s economic fabric. Urban citizens, meanwhile, have had ample time in lockdown to consider what they truly value in life, and what seems suddenly frivolous.

Even amid this current crisis, India remains an optimistic, entrepreneurial country - and with good reason. The fundamentals of India’s brand landscape remain strong. The Kantar Brand Footprint report on FMCG categories shows that India is responsible for one-fifth global “consumer reach point” volume - defined as the frequency with which global and local brands are chosen by consumers over the course of a year.

Relative to consumers in more mature economies, Indians remain curious and enthusiastic about making branded purchases. This is especially the case in rural and small-town India, where the number of product categories sampled by the typical consumer has actually increased during the first half of 2020.

Indeed, this report serves as a testament to the varied and successful ways brands in India [a]have risen to meet an extraordinary moment. The BrandZ™ Top 75 Most Valuable Indian Brands is not an easy list to get on. The brands on this year’s ranking are all here because they are committed to adding new and meaningful value to consumers’ lives.

At Kantar we, too, have found new ways to deliver on our business of providing essential market intelligence. This year, in addition to its wide range of existing data offerings, Kantar has launched the COVID-19 Barometer to glean real-time consumer insights during this fast-moving period in history.

As the world emerges from the shock of Covid-19, brands will need to find new ways that their products and services can be relevant to how we will live in a changed reality. That’s where we at Kantar can help, as the world’s leading data and insights consultancy, with 30,000 people working with Kantar worldwide.

We help define and build meaningfully different brands with our holistic brand guidance approach that combines innovations, experiences, creative content, and media investment to optimize investment and accelerate profitable growth.

Using the vast Kantar and BrandZ™ reservoirs of intelligence, we can help you successfully navigate today’s uncertainty. I am available to personally discuss how we can help you and your brand succeed—building valuable brands that add value to people’s lives. Please feel free to contact me directly or contact any of our Kantar leaders listed in the Resources section at the end of this report.

Preeti Reddy

CEO, South Asia

Insights Division, Kantar


[a]Is this ‘the Indian brands’ or ‘brands in India’ ?  ‘The Indian brands’ seems to exclude MNC brands