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The power of personal dialogue

Dr. Markus Gräßler

Managing Director

gkk DialogGroup, Frankfurt


Tina Herrchen

Director Strategy

gkk DialogGroup, Frankfurt


The relationship between people and brands is often compared to a love affair – starting with awareness and courtship, and finishing with life-long loyalty. But it is not actually like that. Consumers are only loyal if they are rewarded again and again during every experience they have with a brand.

Consumers do not choose ​​ products or brands just for their own ends, but to serve a higher purpose. They stick with a brand and will pay more for it if it helps them achieved their goals, whether they are functional or emotional.

This means that the classic brand focus on advertising may be wide of the mark. Consumer want to be inspired by a product, a brand and a company, not just when they see an ad but throughout the entire customer journey. They want dialogue, and progressive companies are seeing the value of maintaining one. Yet as the number of touchpoints grows, managing the relationship becomes more difficult. Often, this is the result of important information being held in different parts of a company. CIOs and IT managers burn through a lot of money building technical solutions, but too few companies know how to use them, intelligently combining data to derive valuable insights for the design of campaigns and customer loyalty programs.

A strong example of intelligent customer management is the Samsung Digital Command Center. Their success has been in connecting digital services with traditional channels and to pick up customers where they are: Twitter, the website, video, Facebook, chat, e-mail or telephone. A team of community and content managers, as well as call and script specialists, work together to provide support across all channels. This link makes it possible to build a constantly learning digital service unit, which builds  trust and customer satisfaction – over 95 percent.

Understanding and trust are the basis of dialogue. The challenge is to intelligently apply data and knowledge to power meaningful dialogue with individuals. This know-how is the basis for high quality loyalty programs, which in the best case enable long-term customer relationships.