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The purpose of being purposeful

Upasana Dua

Head of Strategic Planning

Y&R Indonesia




The word ‘purposeful’ is a must-have in practically every creative brief. And yet, it’s hard to think of many truly purposeful brands in Indonesia. Different brands define this word differently, but are all definitions helpful? Or are some just tools for self-satisfaction or worse, awards?


·      Being SEEN as doing good – This is the most disconnected way to expect your brand to be seen as one with purpose. If you’re lucky you’ll get the right PR for what is at best a CSR activity or, at worst, a short-lived marketing gimmick. Vicks, Heineken and, our favorite, Pepsi, are recent examples (good and bad) of the latter.

·      Taking on a ‘cause’ and staying with it – Some brands have successfully attached themselves to a belief, a value or even a ‘do good’ activity and made it intrinsic to who they are. Most often, this happens at a corporate level.

·      BEING a brand with a purpose – There is nothing better than having a purpose at the heart of your brand. In fact it is the only truly effective way to demonstrate purpose. It is the reason behind the success of brands like Dove, Omo and Adidas. And here, Go-Jek, perhaps?