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The value of being invisible

Pauline Bouige

Strategic Planner, Paris

J. Walter Thompson


Traditional luxury is giving way to a more sober and discrete style of luxury, defined by durability, inclusiveness, and modernity. What matters now is not the name or the size of the logo; it is the quality, modernity and inclusiveness of the brand. These attributes can be invisible, just like Panasonic’s new televisions, which simply blend into the room when turned off. In ready-to-wear luxury, the monogram is becoming more discreet than ever. What matters is that it’s real.

To avoid counterfeits, some Chinese luxury brands have invested in Blockchain technology, which provides a unique ID code for each item, through which users can trace its origins. Luxury goods are changing, but so are ways of the consuming them. Luxurious living is no longer just about purchasing power; luxury brands must embody the lifestyle and values with which the consumer can identify. We believe that now is the time for sustainable, inclusive and modern luxury.