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Company: CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd

Brand value: US$4,443 million

Change since 2019: -10%

Headquarter city: Maidenhead

Industry: Telecom Providers

Year formed: 2003

The Three mobile network brand was the first in the market to offer “all you can eat” data and now prides itself on the fact that its 10-million-plus customers use 3.5 times the volume of data as the average Brit. Three launched its 5G service with an immersive hi-tech show at London Fashion Week before rolling out the service to 68 new locations early this year. The 5G offering is at the heart of Three’s biggest brand campaign to date; it takes a step on from Three’s “Phones are good” campaign with a look at the future and celebration of what “Real 5G” can provide. Three’s marketing team said the campaign was designed to make Three feel more like a fashion brand and less like a utility. The brand has partnered with Activision to showcase the future of online gaming using 5G home broadband, which Three says promises to enhance the gaming and home entertainment experience.  In early 2020, Three announced it would be the official shirt sponsor of Chelsea Football Club’s men’s women’s and academy teams from the 2020/21 season.