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Parent Company: Takeaway.com NV

Brand value: $1,592 Mil.

Headquarter city: Amsterdam        

Industry: Online Food Delivery

Year formed: 2000

Thuisbezorgd.nl is beloved in the Netherlands as a quirky national success story. It’s also, not incidentally, the leading online food delivery marketplace in continental Europe. Its beginnings are now the stuff of legend: Jitse Groen founded the site in 2000 when he was still a student, after discovering how difficult it was to order food online. The company has grown by leaps and bounds ever since: in the Netherlands alone, the company processed 32.7 million orders in 2018, which meant a strong year-on-year growth of 19% compared to the year prior. The company protects its brand awareness with extensive advertising, often around the theme of “Time for Takeaway.com”; the message is that with Takeaway.com, food arrives “on time” so you can have a “great time.” This year Thuisbezorgd welcomed several new international and local chains to their menu, including Five Guys, Cinnabon, Yoghurt Barn, AH To Go (Albert Heijn) and Dunkin’ Donuts, demonstrating the strength of the brand. In July 2019, Thuisbezorgd.nl shook the world of online food delivery by announcing the fusion with tier British rival Just Eat to create a global food delivery company. If approved by shareholders, Thuisbezorgd CEO Jitse Groen would remain CEO of the new company acting under the name Just Eat Takeaway.