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Company: Telecom Italia Spa

Brand value: US$9,259 million

Headquarter city: Rome

Category: Telecom Providers

Year formed: 1995


TIM was founded as the mobile division of Telecom Italia, formerly the state-owned provider of telecommunications services. Telecom Italia Mobile became shortened to TIM, and now offers mobile and landline services, internet connections and television content under a single brand. It now has 30 percent of the mobile market, with 29.4 million active SIMs, and 11.2 million landline customers. TIM has always been known for providing specialist services aimed at the youth market, and for innovation. It was the first brand in the world to provide a “lost call alert” service, in 2002, showing users who they had missed calls from while offline. TIM rebranded in 2016, uniting Telecom Italia and TIM services under the TIM name with the promise: “Connessi alla vita. Sempre. Ovunque. Meglio.” (Connected to life. Always. Everywhere. Better.) The rebrand was supported by a huge campaign featuring Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, and several Italian celebrities, who positioned TIM as a communications technology pioneer. In 2017, TIM relaunched its TV service TIMvision, and announced partnerships with Netflix and 20th Century Fox. In a recent TV and online campaign, TIM featured the YouTube dancer Sven Otten dancing with Spiderman to highlight the availability of services everywhere. TIM sponsors the Italian national soccer team, the Serie A soccer league and the Sanremo Music Fesival. Telecom Italia is listed on the Borsa Italiana and the New York Stock Exchange.