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Company: Japan Post Holdings Co Ltd.

Brand value: US$423 million

Change since 2018: NEW ENTRY!

Headquarter city: Melbourne

Industry: Logistics

Year formed: 1888

Toll Group is an Australian-founded transportation and logistics company, now owned by Japan Post after an acquisition in 2015. They have road, rail, sea, air and warehousing operations. The business reported a profit in 2018 for the first time since the acquisition. The company has since announced plans to cut around 330 jobs in Australia and 700 globally as it outsources finance and accounting duties to Accenture to improve efficiency. Toll is part of an AU$1.2 billion joint venture with Japan Post to build a logistics centre that, it is hoped, will make it easier for Australian businesses to export to Japan. The project combines access to Japan Post’s nationwide network of branches and delivery depots with Toll’s expertise. The brand has been in the news this year over an AU$8.1 million payment to “do nothing”, after the Australian government contracted Toll to build accommodation on Manus Island then suddenly cancelled the project.