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Top 10 in Overseas Presence- Technology brands now dominate the ranking

Top 10 in Overseas Presence: Technology brands now dominate the ranking

Shift is dramatic, even from a year ago

Six of the Top 10 in Overseas Presence are technology brands, a dramatic shift from even a year ago, when only three technology brands ranked in the Overseas Top 10. The dominance of technology illustrates the dynamics of the Chinese market. The three additional technology brands joined the BrandZ™ China Top 100 for the first time this year after changes to the eligibility requirements.

New this year are DJI, the world’s leading maker of consumer and commercial drones; UBTECH, a leader in artificial intelligence and humanoid robots used for business, education, and entertainment; and Xiaomi, a leading smartphone maker in China and India, now devoting attention to artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

The technology brands appearing again in the Overseas Top 10 ranking are: Lenovo, the world’s leading marketer of PCs and a maker of smartphones and other devices; Huawei, the telecommunications infrastructure giant, with operations in around 170 countries, and the world’s second-largest maker of smartphones; and ZTE, also a major global telecommunications equipment provider and smartphone manufacturer.

The other Overseas Presence Top 10 brands include Midea, a home appliances brand that has invested heavily in international expansion, with a focus now on artificial intelligence. The remaining three brands that gain significant revenue outside of China are two state-owned airlines, Air China and China Eastern Airlines, and the oil and gas brand PetroChina.