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Top risers span Spanish daily life


Top risers span Spanish daily life

Fastest-growing Spanish brands of 2019

Ongoing recovery in the finance sector – coupled with an increasing focus by many finance brands on ways to use technology to improve the customer experience – has helped this industry to claim two places among the fastest-growing Spanish brands of 2019.

CaixaBank is by some distance the leader on value growth, adding $434 million to its brand value since last year’s ranking – up 36 percent – and Bankinter has grown by $33 million, up 16 percent.

The strong performance of these two banking brands – growing by well in excess of the average pace for the category – shows that investing in strong brands can supercharge value growth.

The presence of Jazztel among the fastest-growing brands this year underlines this point; it has grown at 15 percent, while the only other telecom provider in the Top 30 actually saw its brand value decline.

Beer emerges as the fastest-growing category in the Top 30 this year, thanks to the inclusion of one more brand – Estrella Damm. This pushes the value growth of the sector up by 29 percent.

The decline in the apparel sector is mainly the result of intense competition for the Inditex brands in the fast fashion space; the high number of apparel brands in the Top 30 means this has affected growth of the ranking’s value as a whole.

Cars and airlines are both sectors represented by a single brand: SEAT for cars, and Iberia for airlines, both of which have enjoyed a good year in 2018.