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Company: TOTAL S.A.

Brand Value: US$ 5,880 million

Change since 2018: 17%

Headquarter City: Paris

Category: Oil & Gas

Year Formed: 1924

Total is a global oil and gas producer, as well as a leader in solar energy production. It is also the second-largest global player in the fast-growing liquid natural gas (LNG) industry, thanks to the recent acquisition of Engie LNG. Consumers know the brand best for its network of filling stations, which number 16,000 in 66 countries. Around 3,500 of these service stations – positioned as “one-stop shops” – are in France. Early in 2018, Total launched a global, cross-platform advertising campaign to promote its new Total Quartz range of lubricants. The ads feature a robot called Quartz, who often stars in Total advertising, but this time he is more modern-looking, embodying Total’s research and technology. Also this year, a campaign in France for the Total Access network of filling stations brings back ads first used in 2013 that show in a humorous way that Total stands for great value and top quality. And in more than 30 African countries, Total has launched a new campaign, “Extra Mile”, focusing on the modernity of the network and its services.