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Transformation creating fresh opportunities


Transformation creating fresh opportunities

Fifth annual ranking shows power of digital challengers

Doesn’t time fly? It seems like only yesterday we were launching the inaugural BrandZ Top 50 Most Valuable Indonesian Brands. And here we are today, five years later, celebrating the brands in our 2019 ranking.

There are numerous familiar names among this year’s Top 50, testament to the long-term vision and commitment to brand-building among many of this country’s leading businesses.

But it’s also clear that much has changed over these past five years – and I’m not just talking about the time it takes to get across metro Jakarta.

The latest ranking includes four of Indonesia’s “unicorn” brands – businesses valued at US$1 billion or more – including one so-called “decacorn”, with a valuation over US$10 million. These are brands that were only just launching a decade ago. Indonesia is a fast-developing, tech-loving nation of many millions of entrepreneurs but, even in that context, the pace of growth by digital brands in this country is a staggering achievement.

The rapid rise of these relative newcomers to the ranking – GOJEK, Bukalapak, Tokopedia and Traveloka – signals the extent of the digital transformation of the Indonesian economy, and with it so many people’s lives.

Connectivity is providing much more to Indonesia than entertainment and convenient access to new services. These are huge advances, without doubt, but more fundamentally, connectivity is empowering Indonesian people by providing unprecedented access to information and the ability to communicate. It is also providing millions of people with work, and serving as a platform on which creative, enterprising people can build yet more tech-enabled businesses and brands.

Innovation, experience supercharging growth

But it’s not just in the tech sector where innovation is happening. Businesses in industries as diverse as banking and food are showing what it takes to make a strong brand – and balance their rich heritage with an ability to move with the times.

This year’s BrandZ report highlights areas where Indonesian brands both old and new should focus in order to lift their brand value growth trajectory. What clearly emerges from the data is that innovation and experience are attributes that serve as incredibly powerful catalysts for brand value growth.

The role of brand experience is a particular area of focus for us this year. Throughout this report, you’ll find data and insight from across Kantar and the wider WPP group about the value of building purposeful and memorable experiences.

In Thought Leadership contributions from our experts around the country, we look at other timely issues for brands in Indonesia, covering such subjects as: the importance of authenticity, the influence of religion on consumer decision-making, the purpose of having a strong brand purpose, and even how to draw inspiration from flat-pack furniture.

Overseas opportunities

This report also sheds light on global citizens’ perceptions of what “Made in Indonesia” means to them. We present exclusive analysis of the latest data from the “Best Countries” global study, undertaken by VMLY&R BAV Group, with partners US News and the Wharton Business School.

We see strong local and international demand for Indonesian goods, but also identify a challenge: to raise the profile of Brand Indonesia abroad, improve perceptions of quality, and make “Made in Indonesia” a more compelling option.

How we can help

AT WPP, we create the transformative ideas and outcomes that help our clients succeed in today’s complex and disruptive world. To accomplish this objective, we bring together remarkably talented thinkers and doers from around the world. They provide expertise in advertising; insight, branding and identity, direct, digital, promotion and relationship marketing; media investment management retail and shopper marketing; and public relations and public affairs.

One of our key WPP strengths – and a benefit for our clients – is that when we say we cover the world of brands, that’s exactly what we mean. WPP’s proprietary database included information from over 3.7 million consumers about their attitudes to (and relationships with) 166,000 brands in 454 categories across 51 country markets. All that produces more than 5.2 billion data points.

We have assembled an extensive library of BrandZ reports and I invite you to access them with our compliments at BrandZ.com. Here are just some of the reports you will find there: The BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands, the BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable US Brands, and the BrandZ Top 75 Most Valuable Indian Brands. There are also reports into the leading brands in Australia, France, the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands and South Africa. Gain access to all these reports at www.BrandZ.com.

We have the data, knowledge, experience, insight, determination and single-minded purpose to help you create the transformative ideas and outcomes necessary for building valuable brands.

To learn more about how to harness our passion to work for your brand, please contact any of the WPP companies that contributed expertise to this report. Turn to the Resources section at the end of this report for summaries of each company and the contract details of key executives. Or feel free to contact me directly.


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