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Company: Traveloka

Brand Value: US$1,697 million

Year on Year Change: 111%

Headquarters: Jakarta

Category: Travel Agencies

Year Formed: 2012

Traveloka has rapidly grown from a small startup selling travel tickets into one of Indonesia’s and the region’s most valuable and influential travel brands. Founded jointly by Ferry Unardi (Traveloka’s CEO), Derianto Kusuma (the company’s Chief Technology Officer) and Albert Albert, Traveloka is a full-service online travel portal offering flights, hotels, attractions and activity bookings. Services have expanded in the past year to include Flight Status, a real-time tracking tool, along with car rental services, bus booking, Traveloka Eats for culinary services, and Pay Later, a pay-by-instalment option. Traveloka has also launched a loyalty scheme. Traveloka advertising tends to blend function and emotion, showing promotions and features of the service, as well as the joy of family togetherness and other imagery that inspires people to travel. Humor is often a feature of communications. Traveloka has acquired three online agencies as it expands: Pegipegi Indonesia, MyTour Vietnam and Travelbook Philippines, and has plans to expand into Australia in 2019.