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True B2B brand value lies in customer experience, not product

True B2B brand value lies in customer experience, not product

Sam Williams-Thomas

Head of Business to Business




Do you know the true value of your brand? Or rather, do you know the value of your brand beyond the standard financial KPIs and metrics?  


As BrandZ research uncovers, your brand value can be measured in a variety of ways. There are the obvious metrics we all know and love – a standardisation we often turn to from a commercial perspective. Aside from this, there are more qualitative characteristics of a brand, which extend beyond the financials: trust, authenticity and customer experience. As consumers and brands share more touchpoints than ever before, companies in both the B2B and B2C spaces need to heed these qualities to create a strong, valuable brand. 


Valuable B2B brands build brand strategies around a single big idea with clarity of purpose. Standing for something unique, and genuinely trying to make customers’ lives easier through better service and great customer experience, plays a huge part in encouraging purchase. Regardless of whether you target large companies or a single user, a tailored experience is vital for building the value and strength of brand.  


A valuable brand is a strong brand. It might seem preferable as a B2B brand to focus solely on product, product development or comment generally on industry trends. But B2B brands have so much more to gain when they focus more on the issues facing their customers, and delve into their customers’ experiences to better serve their markets. 


Don't waste your B2B brand or treat it like a marginal consideration, for it holds vast potential.