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Two is more than one - a call for synergy

Adriana Ripandelli

Chief Operating Officer & Head of Digital



It is easy to understand why brands might split their media budget across a multitude of channels with limited overlap and duplication, to maximize coverage and improve media effectiveness.

Yet efficiency is not the only reason to pursue a multimedia strategy. It has been clearly shown that repeated exposure to advertising on different channels can have a positive effect on overall campaign impact and advertising memorability. We call it synergy. But where does it come from?

Well, previous exposure to a campaign on one medium encourages people to notice differences and similarities when they see the same brand on a different medium. This results in a deeper engagement with the brand, and creates richer memories. Also, being exposed to the same campaign on different channels can make people think a brand is more popular and well known. This process is not fully automatic, though. For this to happen, a campaign must be built around a unique creative idea that is consistent across all channels, yet tailored to the strengths of each medium and the specific role each is expected to play in the overall plan.

It sounds easy, but the reality is that for a range of reasons - from lack of time to insufficient production budgets that over-emphasize a single medium - this is not always the case.