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Ultra Milk

Company: Ultrajaya Milk Industry & Trading Co Tbk
Brand value: US$117 million
Year on year change: N/A
Headquarter city: Padalarang
Industry: Food and Dairy
Year formed: 1975
Ultra Milk is a popular and growing brand of liquid milk made by Ultrajaya, which produces a range of food and dairy goods including fresh and long-life milk, other dairy products, ready-to-drink tea and fresh fruit juices. Known for its taste and freshness, Ultra Milk has increased its market share in 2015 as a result of consumer interest in the health benefits of milk, and strong sales of long-life milk, which is easier to store than fresh milk. This lift in volume sales has come despite challenges in the broader food and drink category due to the decline in consumer spending power in the past year.
Ultra Milk’s advertising focuses on the messages “Pure Passion” and “Milk Every Day”. In 2014 and 2015 the brand held a roadshow event around six major cities to promote the health benefits of drinking milk daily. It has recently run a newspaper campaign on the advantages of liquid milk over powdered milk, with endorsements from doctors and other medical professionals. The brand is behind National Milk Day, and has cooperated with media organizations to offer tours of their farms to a small number of families.
Ultrajaya Milk Industry & Trading Co Tbk has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange since 1990.