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Unique analysis helps brands win advantage in New Normal

Introducing: Kantar’s Care-Dare Framework

Unique analysis helps brands win advantage in New Normal

Changing values, attitudes, and behaviors are influencing how consumers shop and choose brands in China’s emerging “New Normal.”

Care for personal health and the environment are among immediate priorities. As people dare to take greater risks, enjoyment and new experiences will rise in priority.

Most brands in China are not viewed as especially caring or daring, but those perceptions are increasingly important for competitive advantage.

That’s why we’re introducing Kantar’s BrandZ™ Care-Dare Framework, a unique brand building tool designed to help brands in China…

  • Evaluate their core Care or Dare equity
  • Strengthen their core Care and Dare equity to build meaningful difference
  • Propel equity growth with powerful brand partnerships that reinforce or complement Care and Dare strengths

To learn more about how to evaluate a brand’s Care-Dare potential, strengthen equity, and identify potential partners, please contact Thomas.piachaud@kantar.com.