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Company: Vodafone Group plc

Brand value: US$26,499 million

Change since 2018: -8%

Headquarter city: London

Industry: Telecom providers

Year formed: 1985

Vodafone is a global telecommunications giant and the UK’s biggest business. It operates in 26 countries with partner networks in 55. In the UK it offers fixed broadband services, access to premium TV content, landline services, cloud hosting and IoT services. The brand’s 5G network is due to launch in mid-2019, starting with London and six other major cities, before expanding to 12 more cities by the end of the year. Vodafone has been focusing on attracting younger customers, launching a sub-brand in the UK, VOXI, in 2017 with more data and less of a focus on voice and text. Vodafone promotes connections as a way to create a better future, and has launched the Vodafone Future Jobs Finder to help young people match their skills to positions vacant. The tool is part of Vodafone’s “What Will You Be” scheme, offering skills, career guidance and training for up to 10 million young people by 2022. Actor Martin Freeman frequently features in Vodafone ads, usually in self-deprecating scenarios that highlight features of the Vodafone service. Vodafone has 19.5 million UK customers and around 450 million worldwide.