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Company: Nestlé SA

Brand value: US$519 million

Headquarter city: Nonnweiler-Otzenhausen

Category: Food and Dairy

Year formed: 1968


Wagner is one of Europe’s leading brands of frozen pizzas, though the business was launched by baker Ernst Wagner as a range of frozen meat meals in a ready-to-cook bag. Pizzas were added after a visit by Wagner to Italy in the early 1970s, and they quickly became the focus of the brand. Now, 350 million pizzas can be baked in Otzenhausen every year, and there is a range of lines, including Original Wagner Steinofen Pizza, Die Frisch, Big Pizza, Original Piccolinis, Pizzies and Tarte Flambée. Since 2015, Wagner has been producing the frozen snack Rustipani (oven bread), and gluten-free pizzas have been available since 2016. The brand’s tagline is "Einmal Wagner - immer Wagner”, or "Once Wagner - always Wagner". Along with its main competitor, Dr Oetker, Wagner enjoys widespread public awareness and double-digit market share. Wagner is available in most supermarkets, including the discounter Aldi, which mostly carries private label goods. Since 2005, Wagner has supported the “Deutschen Tafeln” programme with food donations and financial support to provide support to people in need, as well as to fund education and sports facilities. Wagner has been wholly owned by Nestlé since 2013.