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We need corporate courage!

We need corporate courage!

Alexander Kiock
Managing Director
diffferent GmbH


Companies trying to regain their relevance often try to play the “brand purpose” card. Usually they fail, as their “purpose” is often merely tactical, and frequently nothing more than pure marketing blah blah.

Brand purpose is only effective when accompanied by corporate courage. As many social and political movements show us, courage is needed in three areas:

  1. Courage to be monothematic – being brave enough to adopt a clear position and show strong commitment to one topic.  
  2. Courage to be focused – instead of striving to have a small effect on the greatest possible number of people, be courageous enough to turn a narrow target group into real followers.
  3. Courage to share control - to be effective, brands should provide a framework, but leave the translation of the brand and its values to each individual.

A purpose is never more than a beginning. It unfolds its effect and attains relevance only if it is acted on, with courage!