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by David Roth

Opportunity knocks for local and global brands


Confidence returns to drive steady growth

Welcome to the third edition of our annual BrandZ Top 50 Indonesian Brands ranking.

The transformation of Indonesia’s economy over the past decade has brought tremendous change to people’s lives.


Growth has not always been steady nor the benefits of development felt evenly, and in the past year especially, inflation and economic slowdown have put pressure on individuals, families, and the businesses building brands to serve them.


But there are few countries better qualified than Indonesia to demonstrate recovery from testing economic times; Indonesian people have proved their adaptability and resilience before, and now, there are signs of recovery.


The World Bank forecasts GDP growth to pick up the pace again this year and reach 5.1 percent; that’s expected to reach 5.3 percent in 2018, and to rise again in 2019 and 2020.

These rates of growth are a full percentage point or more behind the kind of growth being achieved by Indonesia’s headline-grabbing northern neighbors, China and India. But they signal strong, steady and sustainable growth, at a level that is outperforming closer neighbors such as Malaysia and Thailand.


This is a young, dynamic country whose people are determined to make life better for themselves and those around them. And they are optimistic. In fact, consumer confidence was higher in May 2017 than it has been at any time in the past 17 years.

There is a rising middle class; hundreds of thousands of people who are, for the first time, able to consider and buy in new categories. They’re looking at fashion items, cars and apartments.

Slowing inflation also means that consumers lower down the income scale have a little more money to spend. People for whom personal care shopping until recently meant just soap – and possibly shampoo and toothpaste – are increasingly able to buy specialist baby products, and skincare items for themselves. Consumers who are just now opening their first bank accounts will, before long, be in the market for credit cards and, later, insurance, savings products and mortgages.


Mobile phones are revolutionizing people’s lives and bringing diversity to the Indonesian economy. They’re providing access to information, which in itself is transformational, and at the same time equipping small businesses with the tools for innovative, disruptive ways of working.

The route ahead will not be an easy drive. President Joko Widodo has acknowledged the need to tackle unemployment and income inequality: “I am aware that the challenge keeps changing, and it needs quick action from us,” he said  recently.


For brands in Indonesia, now is also a time for investment, strategic thinking, decisive action, and agility. This market of a quarter of a billion people is hugely attractive, but understanding what unifies them, what motivates and distinguishes them, is a fast-changing challenge.


Whether you’re an Indonesian business or an international company, in this report you’ll find knowledge and insight to help you create and grow brands in Indonesia more effectively.


Take Aways provide succinct, action-oriented recommendations for brands based on our expert analysis of the market. We’ve also included summaries of Indonesia’s Top 50 most valuable brands. Brand experts from WPP companies across Indonesia share their market wisdom and sharp insights through extensive Thought Leadership and Best Practices essays. And we present all this with stunning photography and a vibrant design that reflects the diversity and spirit of Indonesia.


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