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Welcome to BrandZ™ most valuable Emirati and Saudi brands 2020!

Welcome to BrandZ™ most valuable Emirati and Saudi brands 2020!

Valuable brands aren’t created overnight. They represent the cumulative efforts of a company’s investments in product development, distribution and, ultimately, delivery of tangible benefits to not only the consumer but also the company’s internal stakeholders and staff, as well as broader society.

For many companies, the first steps may have been the result of a founder stumbling on an idea that fulfilled a customer need. For others, the process is more defined, with a clear brand purpose from the very start. Either way, developing a nascent brand into one that contributes to a steady flow of income doesn’t just happen through luck. Typically, the process of establishing a strong brand requires sustained investment over a period of years, if not decades or, in some cases, centuries. Successful brand owners build on the brand promise and enhance the experiences they offer with each customer interaction, entrenching these in customers’ memories. Brands therefore carry the value of past experiences into the future, with the promise that what was experienced before will happen again, consistently.

The fundamental purpose of this BrandZ™ study consequently lies in measuring both the value of the brand in consumers’ minds and the economic potential of the brand to generate future financial value.

As such, BrandZ™ is recognized as the world’s most comprehensive valuation methodology, with BrandZ™ brand valuations used by CEOs across the globe as a key measure of growth in value to shareholders. It’s also the only established methodology used by Bloomberg’s financial services experts to guide investment managers’ future investment decisions.

I am enormously proud of the launch of this inaugural BrandZ™ study for the UAE and Saudi Arabia. As well as recognizing the strength of outstanding local brands, it also represents a giant stride forward for our own brand, Kantar. This regional addition builds on the success of our annual South African BrandZ™ report, first launched three years ago, and joins a collection of 20+ BrandZ™ country reports drawing on our global BrandZ™ data, which has built its own reputation as the definitive brand valuation study over the past 20 years.

This report provides a valuation benchmark for brands born and bred in the Middle East, which in some cases have grown their influence well beyond our region.

It is a great honor to present this, the first of our annual reports on the most valuable brands in the Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Hearty congratulations to all those listed; they represent the best and strongest local brands, and are those best poised for future growth across the region and indeed the world.