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Company: Imperial Brands PLC

Brand value: US$877 million

Headquarter city: Hamburg

Industry: Tobacco

Year formed: 1981



West is a brand of cigarettes that launched in the 1980s and is most popular among smokers aged in their mid-30s or older, who grew up during that period. In its heyday, the brand was the second most popular cigarette brand in Germany; its provocative outdoor posters used diverse characters offering each other a cigarette and urged smokers to “Test the West”. These stood out in a crowded sector, but West has since faded from prominence, as the parent company has put a greater emphasis on promotion of other brands in the portfolio. The brand name remains well known, despite the lack of recent promotion, but is seen as the first choice of cigarette brand among only a relatively small proportion of Germany’s smokers. It is perceived as a mainstream brand and is equally popular among men and women.