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What Goliath can learn from David

Bernadette M. Duisters
Senior Planner
Wunderman Thompson


What Goliath can learn from David

(or what indie local brands can teach us)

It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. While Indonesia’s GDP is consistently growing and the middle-class is expected to grow to 49 percent of the population by 2023, consumer spending is decreasing, and this affects even the biggest brands. Yet, these conditions don’t seem to have slowed down the appearance of direct-to-consumer grassroots brands like Herbana, Rollover Reaction, Sensatia, or Cotton Ink – small, indie brands brazenly competing as alternatives to the mainstream.

Fueled by the urban middle-class’s ready access to information, and online transactions becoming quicker and simpler by the day, these brands are comfortably challenging the largest brands in their category by offering products that are always fresh, aesthetically pleasing, consistently effective, and provide a personalized, premium feel at a competitive price. They bring not only great products, but also a convenient and relevant experience for consumers.

It’s time for the largest brands to look more deeply at customers’ continuously evolving tastes and journeys. Once they’ve made themselves both easily accessible and indispensable, the bottom line will automatically follow.