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Whole Foods

Whole Foods

Company: Amazon.com Inc.

Brand Value: $5,185 Million

Headquarters: Austin, TX

Category: Retail

Year formed: 1980

Whole Foods is a supermarket chain that primarily features foods without artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. It also has a significant private label business with its 365 by Whole Foods line. The brand has traditionally attracted an affluent customer base willing to pay a high premium for organic, sustainable products, a strategy that also earned the brand the nickname “Whole Paycheck.” However, with its recent acquisition by Amazon, changes are expected and ongoing. The day the deal closed, its parent company slashed prices on key items, with promises of more to come. While Whole Foods itself had already been using the slogan “Great Everyday Low Prices,” Amazon has been emphasizing that message more and more. It has also made Whole Foods products available on its website, switched the brand’s loyalty program to Amazon Prime, and started selling its popular Echo products in Whole Foods stores.