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Work on your purpose with purposeful brands

Work on your purpose with purposeful brands

I have been invited to talk about brands and their growth. Well, if brands are your purpose, let’s work on brands with purpose!

I imagine you’ve heard these two words – brand and purpose – a lot already, because brands need to have a purpose beyond making a sale.

But does that mean we should forget about sales and market share, and instead just philosophize about why the brand exists, and how it makes a positive impact on people’s lives and the world we live in?

No, it doesn’t, and for two reasons – one theoretical and one practical:

The theoretical reason is that a brand needs to have a purpose and communicate it both externally, to consumers and broader society, and internally, to its employees and shareholders. Working on the purpose makes the brand stronger, and thus enables the brand to offer more engaging dialogue, experiences and emotions, so that the brand is more than strong, it’s irresistible. That way, the purpose contributes to the business.

And there’s a practical reason, if you are still not convinced by the theory, nor by Nike’s increase of sales as a result of its ad campaign with Kaepernick, the controversial US sportsman. So, look to Toyota, with its campaign "Drive as You Think", which has won the most recent Grand Prize for Efficacy from the Spanish Association of Advertisers. This is based on the contribution of commercial communication to the achievement of business objectives. And if it does not convince you either, let's not forget the previous Grand Prize winner, Audi, with its campaign "The doll that chose to drive".

The purpose must be simultaneously appealing to the public, and appropriate and authentic for the brand: credible, differentiating, unique. This allows, in a natural and honest way, the brand to play a relevant role beyond its category. And to drive sales.

Antoni López

Brand & Communications Director

Kantar TNS