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Yamada Denki

Yamada Denki

Parent Company: Yamada Denki Co. Ltd

Brand value: $1,394 million

Headquarter city: Gunma

Industry: Retail

Year founded: 1973

Yamada Denki is a Japanese electronics retail store chain. It is the largest retailer of consumer electronics home appliances in Japan. 1973, Noboru Yamada founded a small personal electronics shop that eventually grew to become the mighty Yamada Denki chain. From the beginning, the company has been run according to a philosophy of “Creation and Challenge.” In February 2005, it became the first specialist mass retailer in Japan to achieve sales of ¥1 trillion. In recent years, in response to the growth of smart homes and the “Internet of Things,” the company has moved to become a “total housing service provider” to help consumers set up these complex systems in an effective and attractive way. The company has also introduced hundreds of home appliances and interior goods under its in-store brand “HERB Relax.” The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.