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You Can Do It! A Rise In Self Reliance

You Can Do It! A Rise In Self Reliance

Suchit Kakar


Landor & FITCH


We as Indians love convenience. Why do something yourself when someone else can do it for you instead? For any odd job, hired help is usually just a call away.

But in these times, is having a literal open door policy – that is, allowing strangers with an unknown contact history into your home – still feasible? For many Indians, the answer is no.

In the name of safety, we anticipate a begrudging growth in consumer self-reliance – as currently best showcased in the rising preference for at-home baking over ordering in.

Considering this is still an emerging concept, a good way to attract people to this style of self-reliant thinking is by avoiding intimidating, strenuous-sounding messaging like “Do It Yourself.” Instead, speak from a place of ease and achievement. Remove any concerns about difficulty or hassle. Leave people in no doubt that – through your brand – they themselves can solve their own problems quickly, bringing back the convenience that they so love.