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Yucho Ginko

Yucho Ginko

Parent Company: Japan Post Bank Co. Ltd

Brand value: $3,915 million

Headquarter city: Tokyo

Industry: Banks

Year formed: 2007

As with Kanpo Seimei and the modern Nihon Yubin, Yucho Ginko (Japan Post Bank) traces its contemporary history to the process of privatizing Japan’s postal services that began in 2007. Since then, Yucho Ginko has continued to benefit from its locations within Japan’s vast network of some 24,000 post offices; its equally expansive network of ATMs and its reputation for deposit security and stability helped it to retain business in the years following privatization. The bank's total assets are approximately ¥210 trillion; what’s more, unlike most all other banks of its size worldwide, this balance sheet is comprised largely of consumer savings accounts. In the past year the bank’s attractive positioning among ordinary banking customers was further enhanced when government regulators approved a plan to double the deposit cap for most consumer accounts. Yucho Ginko and its parent company JP Holdings are both listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.