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Thought Leadership & Analysis

Global 100 Cross Category Trends

Trust Consumers expect brands to keep their promises. Some categories have disappointed. Coming out .. Read more

Global 100 Contact Us

The brand valuations in the BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands are produced by Millward B.. Read more

LatAm Colombia Global/Local

At the time of writing, thousands of Colombians are protesting on the streets and joining a strike o.. Read more

Global 100 Top 20 Risers

The resurgent economies of North America and Europe propelled brand value growth, especially among s.. Read more

Global 100 Newcomers

The technology and financial categories dominate the list of newcomer brands added in 2014 to the Br.. Read more

Global 100 Brand Contribution

Brand contribution is a metric that quantifies the strength of a brand exclusively, without financia.. Read more

The Problems with Global Ads (Especially for the Little Guy)

As the great Canadian folk singer Joni Mitchell wrote: I've looked at life from both sides now. When.. Read more

The Changing Face of Globalization

Not so long ago, brands sought to create global uniformity. The same product, promoted in the same.. Read more

Global Mobile Behavior

Globally, we now spend more than three hours a day consuming mobile media but consumers remain mor.. Read more

Global View of the LatAm Ranking

In 2015, it will be 10 years since the first BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study was co.. Read more

Global 100 Luxury

Luxury is back. Consumers purchased enthusiastically and without apology. The category brand value r.. Read more

Global 100 Oil and Gas

The oil and gas category slowed exploration and focused on efficiency. Investor impatience and geopo.. Read more

Global 100 Retail

Retail is in the midst of major transformation. After years of caution following the financial cris.. Read more

Global 100 Soft Drinks

Consumers still reached for carbonated beverages, but not as often. Demographics, health issues and .. Read more

Global 100 Technology Business

Business-to-business technology brands adjusted to new computing realities, especially the Cloud. An.. Read more

Global 100 Technology Consumer

With a 40 percent increase in brand value, technology giant Google reclaimed the title world’s mos.. Read more

Global 100 Telecoms

European and North American telecom providers faced consolidation and disruption as the markets reco.. Read more

Global 100 Insurance

For insurance brands, it was the year of personalized customer engagement. Many of the major US pro.. Read more

Global 100 Apparel

Apparel led all categories in growth of overall brand value, with an increase of 29 percent in the B.. Read more

Global 100 Banks - Global

More revelations erode trust It felt like Ground Hog Day for banks. Global banks benefited from imp.. Read more

Global 100 Banks - Regional

The brand value of the regional bank category appreciated 6 percent overall in the BrandZ™ Top 100.. Read more

Global 100 Beer

Expansion in fast growing markets drove beer volume increases, but changing social and drinking tren.. Read more

Global 100 Cars

The brand value of the car category improved 17 percent after a 5 percent lift a year ago. Car sales.. Read more

Global 100 Fast Food

Although customer traffic at fast food restaurants remained flat year-on-year, sales strengthened fo.. Read more