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Thought Leadership & Analysis

Personal Care Insights

Brands connect to the consumer’s states of mind   Brands are shifting from responding to th.. Read more

Telecom Providers Insights

Category searches for ways to use its rich data troves   The telco category is massively in s.. Read more

Oil and Gas Insights

Brands must engage with new consumers about transition plans   The energy transition continue.. Read more

Retail Insights

Amazon, Alibaba invest in new ways to engage shoppers   Retail has always been a capital-inte.. Read more

Cars Insights

Brands navigate steep mobility learning curve   The focus on the future of mobility hasn’t .. Read more

Soft Drinks Insights

Under pressure, category still sells enormous volume   In understanding the category, markete.. Read more

Fast Food Insights

Competition sends brands back to basics   There’s been a return to basics. McDonald’s is .. Read more

Luxury Insights

Brands balance scarcity with need to reach millennials   The luxury market overall is chasing.. Read more

Beer Insights

Majors respond as craft disrupts premium sector   A few years ago, the big breweries weren’.. Read more

Across categories, emerging brands are challenging established brands

Young consumers seek brands that make them feel special   by Katerina Sudit Managing Pa.. Read more

Knowing consumer concerns, challenges, and causes will help elevate marketing prowess

Today’s consumers vote their mind with politics, society and brands     by Victoria .. Read more

Categories | New Vital Signs Index measures brand health

BrandZ™ analyzes implications for categories   A new BrandZ™ Index called Vital Signs ass.. Read more

BrandZ™ Analysis | Category Changes

As disruption spans categories, some brands counter the trend   Retail and technology rise.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Retail

Despite technological disruption, retail scores high in key metrics   Retail is the canary.. Read more

Retail | New brand initiatives disrupt the O2O divide

Major brands position to play hard across channels   It was the year of trading places. As us.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Luxury

Super-luxury brands drive value increase   The BrandZ™ Luxury Top 10 increased 72 percen.. Read more

Luxury | Now bolder and brasher, brands seek wider audience

Messages communicate availability and inclusiveness   With the steady improvement of the glo.. Read more

Beer | Merger of global leaders forms 500-brand portfolio

As the category consolidates, it also fragments with craft brewers   It was the year of the m.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Banks

Financial services disruptions  alter distribution of value   Changes to the financial se.. Read more

Banks Regional | Brand value rebounds as economies strengthen

Marketing and technology initiatives aim at millennials   In a strong comeback, the BrandZ™.. Read more

Banks Global | Geopolitical change influences improved bank performance

FinTech competition, consumer expectations will shape the future   Strong stock market perfor.. Read more

Apparel | Competition, shopping changes hinder growth

Brands revise retail strategies and distribution models   Two category growth drivers, sports.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Apparel

Innovative sportswear brands drive value rise   Sportswear brands drove BrandZ™ Apparel .. Read more

Technology B2B | Cloud transition progresses and brand values increase

Acquisition and collaboration pools expertise   Business-to- Business (B2B) brands contended .. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Technology

Technology leads every category in Vital Signs   The BrandZ™ Vital Signs results should .. Read more

Technology B2C | Ad revenue, incremental changes drive value rise

B2C and B2B brands collaborate to deliver the future   A 13 percent rise in value made techno.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Soft Drinks

Health concerns weaken category’s Vital Signs   The BrandZ™ Vital Signs of the soft dr.. Read more

Soft Drinks | Brands create and acquire healthier soft drink options

Water outsells colas for the first time   For the first time, bottled water outsold colas in .. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Insurance

Purposeful brands grow category value in Asia   BrandZ™ Vital Signs clearly diagnose the.. Read more

Insurance | Societal changes create opportunity, disruption

Brands seek new ways to build consumer trust   Insurance brands attempted to become trusted a.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Fast Food

  Despite health concerns, Purpose and Love drive growth   The fast food category .. Read more

Fast Food | Return to basics focuses on pleasing core customers

But digital innovation powers new initiatives   Fast food brands returned to basics, improvin.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Cars

Top 10 ranking shifts to luxury   Over the past 12 years, the brand value of the BrandZ™.. Read more

Cars | Selling cars remains priority, as brands invest in change

Experiments include all aspects of future mobility   Carmakers faced reality. Consumers prefe.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Oil and Gas

Multinationals drive value, but nationals inspire Love   The oil and gas brands score well.. Read more

Oil and Gas | Geopolitical developments add to category complexity

Brands engineer some profits, despite low oil prices   Even in normal times, oil and gas is t.. Read more

Telecom Providers | Major acquisitions speed transition to entertainment

Challenger brands shift the conversation to price   It was a year of action. With mergers and.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Personal Care

High Brand Purpose shapes personal care   Of the five BrandZ™ Vital Signs, the Personal .. Read more

Personal Care | Brands personalize to serve more diverse ideas of beauty

Mobile ads push customers from shopping to buying   In a commoditized category filled with ch.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Telecom Providers

Size matters in transition from pipe to content brand   Size matters in the telecom provid.. Read more

US drives value increase of Global Top 100 ranking

New BrandZ™Vital Signs Index diagnoses brand health   North American brands—all from the.. Read more

Meaningful Difference is root of Brand Power

Since Brand Power is important as a driver of sales and brand value, the logical question is, what d.. Read more

Brand Power drives sales and brand value growth

Brand Power is the BrandZ™ metric of brand equity, the predisposition the consumer’s mind that i.. Read more

Perceived Difference drives higher pricing, value growth

The connection between maximizing price potential and accelerating value growth raised an obvious qu.. Read more

Consumers say brand, not price, is most important buying factor

Brands are important to consumers. To find out how important, we analyzed almost 5,350 brands across.. Read more

Technology and telecom brands enter the ranking

Categories reflect Global 100 growth trend   Five of the newcomers to the BrandZ™ Global T.. Read more

High Brand Contribution drives volume, premium

And adds stability in disruptive markets   Brand Contribution is the BrandZ™ metric that as.. Read more

B2C outpaces B2B in value growth, but gap narrowing

One of the most striking differences between business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2.. Read more

Brands continue to blur border dividing B2B, B2C

Business brands adopt consumer brand-building skills   The distinction between business-to-bu.. Read more

New competitors cause disruption worldwide

Young and purpose driven, they reshape categories   The BrandZ™ Top 100 Most Valuable Globa.. Read more

Importance of purpose rises in a difficult year

But disintermediation sits on the horizon   Divining the future of brands, always an imprecis.. Read more

BrandZ™ Category Analysis: Beer

Communications drive brand value increase   The BrandZ™ Beer Top 10 grew 188 percent in value .. Read more


Consumers adjustshopping strategies Russian brands benefit from frugal behavior Russian consumers .. Read more

Southeast Asia

Proliferation of mobilefacilitates market entry But local competition, media fragmentation add comp.. Read more


China increasingly looks abroad,brands find greater acceptance Government balances need for change .. Read more

Leverage digital to accelerate growth of brand equity and value

Getting it right requires integratedstrategy, research, and measurement By Doreen WangGlobal Head o.. Read more

Latin America

Economic and politicalforces hurt brand value Mexico increases contribution to Latam Top 50 The ec.. Read more


Globalization, localizationimpact how Indians shop Government vision jolts the economy Two opposit.. Read more