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Thought Leadership & Analysis

Value, Values, and Vogue

 Values-centricbrands convertconsumersinto advocates Luxury brands turn to mass tradetactics to st.. Read more

Premium Redefined

Digital techbroadens ideaof premiumexperience How brands make people feel,not price, determines pre.. Read more

Women & Finance

New insightshelp financialbrands servewomen better Wide gap still separates industrypractices, wome.. Read more

Paradox of Digital

Digital’s powermakes analogmore criticalfor branding Circumventing Alexa and friendsrequires goin.. Read more

Consumer Revolution

 Study China’sconsumersto glimpsethe future Brands and marketers mustprepare for major changes .. Read more


 Consumers willown their data,making brandswitching easier Unchained by blockchain, consumerswill .. Read more


 Voice assistancewill get smarter,and ubiquitouson purchase path Brands need strategies to ensurec.. Read more


 New marketingreality dependson consistentbrand experience Consumer reviews influencemore purchase.. Read more

E-commerce Innovation

Native onlinebrands makeup new rules,pose threats Traditional players can learnfrom these digital i.. Read more


 Disruptionmyths favorthe start-uphero story But reality is more complicated,and big brands can be.. Read more