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Thought Leadership & Analysis

LatAm Argentina Digital

Argentina is immersed in an economic, technological and social evolution. Globalization is increasin.. Read more

LatAm Argentina Consumption

In recent years, Argentina has managed to sustain the growth of its economic activity. Characterized.. Read more

LatAm Argentina Economy

Argentina’s economy is trying to catch its breath and regain the growth that was in part lost by a.. Read more

LatAm Brazil Consumers

Brazil is in a period of transition. With a CAGR of 2.5% over the past four years, the country had a.. Read more

LatAm Brazil Digital

Brazil has entered the era of technology in almost a single generational leap. Already, it is the th.. Read more

LatAm Brazil Economy

Any plans for strategic development of local or global brands within Brazil must recognize the major.. Read more

LatAm Chile Economy

Today, Chile is one of the most developed countries in Latin America and is expected to continue to .. Read more

LatAm Chile Consumers

In Chile, the growing participation and empowerment of consumers is a hot topic. In fact, consumer c.. Read more

LatAm Chile Economy

One of the most globalized countries in the region (in terms of international trade agreements), of .. Read more

LatAm Colombia Investment

Colombia is considered to be a stable developing country, showing a CAGR of 4.1% over the past four .. Read more

LatAm Colombia Opportunities

In the last decade, Colombia has been considered one of the most interesting countries for foreign i.. Read more

LatAm Mexico Brands

With the country’s openness to international markets, its geographical location, and the plethora .. Read more

LatAm Mexico Consumers

Important global players from all continents are increasingly attracted by Mexico’s market potenti.. Read more

LatAm Mexico Economy

According to data from every single international entity available, Latin America is the most unequa.. Read more

LatAm Mexico Purchasing

Mexico has recently seen a slowdown in growth, impacted by a sharp decline in external demand. Showi.. Read more

LatAm Company Contributors & Contacts

FERNANDO ÁLVAREZ KURI VP Millward Brown Vermeer Millward Brown México  Fernando.Alvarez@millwardb.. Read more

LatAm Argentina The Secrets of Local Brand Value

In this new ranking of Argentina’s most valuable brands, YPF takes first place once again, followe.. Read more

LatAm Argentina Key Facts

Argentina Key Facts Capital City: Buenos Aires Currency: Argentine New Peso Area: 2.78.. Read more

LatAm Argentina Brand Stories

1.YPF YPF is Argentina's leading energy company and largest fuel producer. It operates a fully integ.. Read more

LatAm Argentina Local Market Overview

Following Argentina’s economic crisis in 2001, the country had – for nearly a decade – been st.. Read more

LatAm Argentina World Cup 2014

Football is an inexplicable passion in Argentina, and a part of its national identity. Not surprisin.. Read more

LatAm Brasil Brand Stories

1. Skol Skol is Brazil’s most popular beer. Its marketing emphasizes enjoyment of life and appea.. Read more

LatAm Brasil Key Facts

BRAZIL KEY FACTS Capital City: Brasília  Currency: Real  Area: 8.51 million km2 Populatio.. Read more

LatAm Brasil The Secrets of Local Brand Value

The trend observed in recent years in Brazil is the growing value of consumer brands, which are now .. Read more

LatAm Brasil Local Market Overview

Brazil ended 2013 with a GDP growth of 2.3%, the second worst economic performance among the six cou.. Read more

LatAm 2014: LatAm Brasil World Cup

Historically, the FIFA World Cup is a great arena in which brands expose themselves in order to win .. Read more

LatAm Chile Key Facts

CHILE KEY FACTS Capital City: Santiago  Currency: Chilean Peso  Area: 756 thousand km2 P.. Read more

LatAm Chile The Secrets of Local Brand Value

During the economic crisis of 2009, Chile experienced a marked change among consumers. Buyers became.. Read more

LatAm Chile Local Market Overview

Three years ago, Chile underwent another major change. For the first time since the return of democr.. Read more

LatAm Chile World Cup 2014

We were so excited. Chilean football has changed radically over the last few years. International ma.. Read more

LatAm Colombia Key Facts

COLOMBIA KEY FACTS Capital City: Bogotá Distrito Federal  Currency: Colombian Peso  Are.. Read more

LatAm Colombia The Secrets of Local Brand Value

Critical to the success of any brand is the ability to empower people by making a difference in thei.. Read more

LatAm Colombia Local Market Overview

Thanks to a strong GDP growth, Colombia is one of the fastest growing economies in Latin America. Wi.. Read more

LatAm Colombia World Cup 2014

Colombia had to wait for 16 long years to obtain a ticket to the most important soccer event in the .. Read more

LatAm Peru Key Facts

PERU KEY FACTS Capital City: Lima  Currency: New Sol  Area: 1.29 million km2 Populat.. Read more

LatAm Peru The Secrets of Local Brand Value

While the global scenario is led by brands related to technology and information, Peruvian brand ran.. Read more

LatAm Peru Local Market Overview

For the last couple of years, Peru has shown not-so-encouraging results in comparison with those tha.. Read more

LatAm Peru World Cup 2014

There is no doubt that a Football World Cup year is not a typical year. Even at the office, we purch.. Read more

LatAm Mexico Brand Stories

1. Corona Corona was first launched in 1925. That same year its parent company Grupo Modelo began op.. Read more

LatAm Mexico Key Facts

MEXICO KEY FACTS Capital City: Ciudad de Mexico  Currency: Mexican Peso  Area: 1.96 .. Read more

LatAm Mexico The Secrets of Local Brand Value

If you google images of Mexico the results, I bet you, will be: beaches, pyramids, colonial towns, c.. Read more

LatAm Mexico Local Market Overview

The times of the “Mexican Miracle” in the late last century are somewhat behind us, but conditio.. Read more

LatAm Mexico World Cup 2014

The FIFA World Cup is the most widely viewed sporting event in the world – including Mexico, of co.. Read more

LatAm Mexico Creating Markets through Brand Ideals

The world today is very different from what it was only a couple of decades ago, and these structura.. Read more

LatAm Mexico Perspectives on Retail

During the past years, we have seen many interesting changes in channels in Mexico, some of them as .. Read more

LatAm Mexico The Telecom Market

Mexico's recent telecommunications reform has created a setting full of important challenges for the.. Read more

LatAm Mexico The Revolution of Audiences

Technological change, the new Mexican telecom laws, and the incredibly fast adoption by consumers of.. Read more

LatAm 2014: Latin American Overview

The Headline News Even though the BrandZ ™ Top 50 Most Valuable Latin American Brands 2014 decreas.. Read more

LatAm Colombia Brand Stories

1. Águila  One of Colombia’s best-known products, Águila has one hundred years of heritage .. Read more

LatAm Peru Brand Stories

  1.Cristal Cristal is promoted as the Peruvian beer that celebrates national unity. With .. Read more

LatAm Chile Brand Stories

1. Falabella  Falabella is the leading department store retailer in Chile. Falabella operates.. Read more