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Thought Leadership & Analysis

Peru 2017 | The power of us

The Peruvian brands currently in the BrandZTM Top 20 Most Valuable Peruvian Brands 2017 are clear ex.. Read more

Mexico 2017 | Brand building in a digital era

It’s well known that today, brands face an increasingly competitive market. They must  ght to be .. Read more

Mexico 2017 | Living in uncertain times

Throughout the last decade, BrandZ™ has become one of the most in uential reports on how consumers.. Read more

Mexico 2017 | The mobile-first consumer is changing the retail world

The good news is that every day in Mexico we have more technology ready to interact with today’s c.. Read more

Mexico 2017 | Uncertainty killing forecast but detonates action

Mexico stands in a very complex and shaky balance: On one end the Mexican economy continues to slow .. Read more

Peru 2017 | A new government, lots of expectation, and a full agenda for growth

When Ollanta Humala was elected President of Peru in 2011, FMCG (Fast Moving Consumption Goods) in t.. Read more

Peru 2017 | Brand value proposition

THE GREAT DIFFERENTIAL IN TIMES OF ECONOMIC SLOWDOWN   The reverberations of the economic slowdown.. Read more

Peru 2017 | The power of Peruvian brand

One of the things that most caught my attention when I arrived in Peru was how fond Peruvians are of.. Read more

ARGENTINA 2017 | Hard-times branding: Building brand value in times of economic turmoil

It’s always a merit for a brand to be considered among the Latin America’s Top 50 brands; and fo.. Read more

ARGENTINA 2017 | Promo vs. brand building

BOGOFs; 40% off; on the second product; CRM; buy three get four; instant 15% off; 20% off in coupons.. Read more

ARGENTINA 2017 | Is there a winner in the fight betweeb on and off?

In the context of the slowdown of global growth, trends are weakened, and therefore strategies for a.. Read more

ARGENTINA 2017 | Being trendy means going back to basics

Main trends in global marketing are widely known: sustainability, digital and social networks, authe.. Read more


    1. YPF             PARENT COMPANY YPF HEADQUARTE.. Read more

BRAZIL 2017 | Brand strength is the supporting pillar in a shaky economy

Once again, the branding ‘prophecy’ has been con rmed. Brands lost on average 30% of their value.. Read more

BRAZIL 2017 | How to grow in a complex environment?

Penetration is a growth driver. Attracting new buyers becomes fundamental in the current scenario, a.. Read more

BRAZIL 2017 | How the guys in the garage impacted our brands

Some years ago, the advertising industry looked much simpler: fewer media channels, fewer and more s.. Read more

BRAZIL 2017 | Data and Creativity need to come together

Brazil is famous around the world for the warmth of its people. Whether in the professional or perso.. Read more

CHILE 2017 | The rise of the trans-regionalist

Isolated by a mountain range to the East, the Paci c Ocean to the West, a desert to the North, and a.. Read more

CHILE 2017 | Price sensitive consumers seek reasons to trust

The years of the great and sustained Chilean economic growth are over. Much has been said about its.. Read more

CHILE 2017 | Bricks, clicks, and a global omni- shopping experience

Chile’s retail sector is developed and expanding throughout the region. Despite economic and polit.. Read more

CHILE 2017 | E-commerce : The new rules of the game

With the ever-growing number of touchpoints reaching consumers, and an amazing chance to market prod.. Read more

CHILE 2017 | Three turning points in Chile

In order to understand the context of today’s brands’ movement in Chile, I will begin by establi.. Read more

CHILE 2017 | Brand environments and ecosystems in Chile

The Brand Z™ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands is not only the world’s largest brand database,.. Read more

COLOMBIA 2017 | How brands help new consumers in LatAm

Innovation, disruption, equality, inclusion, entrepreneurship, opportunity, status, and individualit.. Read more

COLOMBIA 2017 | Building strong brands in a trend of proprietary brands

The past few years have marked the development of the age of hyperconsumption. There were brands rei.. Read more

COLOMBIA 2017 | “Rebusque” as the origin of local brand success

Colombia has lived through troubled times, jumping from one con ict to the next. Civil war, guerrill.. Read more

COLOMBIA 2017 | Colombia: Where the unpredictable happens

Nine years ago, during my  rst job interview I was asked which was the agency of the year according.. Read more


Adapting to change   After several years of a growing economy and an optimistic environment in the.. Read more

Mexico 2017 | If building brand influence is not the No.1 priority, what is?

Brands we love are in uential. Brands in the BrandZ™ Top 30 Most Valuable Mexican Brands are in ue.. Read more

Peru 2017 | Peru 2020

This sounds like the title of a science  ction book, but frightening and surprising as it may seem,.. Read more